Last year in the COVID-19 pandemic, children were not catching or spreading the virus much. The main focus was on protecting our elderly and vulnerable. But the Delta strain has changed things. Children around the world are contracting Delta in high numbers and some frontline doctors believe they may also be getting sicker from this strain. Many parents and schools have concerns … Read more

Who’s next? Immunisations are being prioritised into two main groups Those more likely to be exposed Those more likely to become more unwell or die from Covid-19 As of the 22nd March we are now in the ‘1b’ phase of the rollout. Are you eligible? There is an online eligibility checker where you can check. … Read more

Influenza vaccines have arrived on the Gold Coast. But what does that mean for the Covid-19 vaccine rollout? Should you wait until you can get both together? How do you find out where and when you can get yours? What if you still have questions about the risks for either the flu or the Covid … Read more

Australia is now more than a week into rolling out the Pfizer vaccine, while AstraZeneca shots are due to start from next week. But many of us may still have questions about when and where we’ll get the vaccine. Overseas, including in the United States and the United Kingdom, many people have been tricked into “signing up” and even paying … Read more