Covid immunisations have landed at a GP clinic near you!

Who’s next?

Immunisations are being prioritised into two main groups

  1. Those more likely to be exposed
  2. Those more likely to become more unwell or die from Covid-19

As of the 22nd March we are now in the ‘1b’ phase of the rollout.

Are you eligible?

There is an online eligibility checker where you can check.

Broadly speaking this group includes:

  • Anyone over 70
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People over 55
  • Healthcare workers not already immunised
  • Adults with underlying medical conditions
  • Quarantine/border worker household contacts

Where can I go?

Check if your regular GP is (or will be) providing Covid19 immunisations.

Your GP clinic will likely have this information on their websites. GPs are working hard to ensure their most vulnerable patients are immunised. We know that not all of our patients have access to the internet or a mobile phone. We know that some need support in accessing care. We want to ensure that our most vulnerable patients don’t miss out.

More GP clinics will be coming on board over the next few weeks, they may not all be visible on the government website yet. If in doubt check. Your GP is the best person to give you your immunisation. They know you well.

GP Immunisation Clinics (Respiratory Clinics)

We have four dedicated immunisation clinics in the community that are run by GPs.

Burleigh Waters Respiratory Clinic – Book here
Upper Coomera (Haan Health) Respiratory and Vaccination clinic – Book here
Hope Island Respiratory clinic
Nerang (Kalwun) Respiratory clinic – providing care to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their immediate families.

Your own GP may even do some shifts in one of these clinics. These clinics offer immunisation appointments to anyone who is in the appropriate phase of the rollout. They will have access to larger quantities of vaccine and provide a dedicated immunisation service.

Other local GP clinics participating in the immunisation rollout.

The government eligibility checker will link you to a list of clinics currently offering immunisation appointments. Local GP clinics have (at least initially) been allocated very small quantities of vaccine. They will however be getting more. Please be patient as we all work to ensure as many of you access the immunisations as soon as possible.

Hospital Covid19 immunisation clinics.

At the time of writing this our local hospitals are only immunising people by invitation. It is likely however that more clinics will open and that these clinics will cater for more eligible people. Watch this space.

How do I book?

Follow the booking process of the clinic. Most will prefer online bookings. Check your clinics website and follow their instructions.

The demand for Covid19 immunisations is high and your practice staff will be finding it difficult to manage the volume of phone enquiries that have been being received.

If you know someone who is eligible but who might struggle to manage the online booking consider offering to help them navigate the process.

Information on phone bookings is available through the eligibility checker and on the practice websites.

What else do you need to do?

Medicare has a helpful video that prepares you for your Covid19 Immunisation.

Creating a MyGov account and linking your Medicare will enable you to then access your immunisation history – and proof of your Covid19 immunisation after it has been given.

If you are available to attend a clinic at short notice you may have the option of going onto a ‘cancellation list’. Check if your GP clinic offers this.

No Medicare card?

That’s ok! You are able to be immunised at or GP immunisation clinics (respiratory clinics). Details of how you can obtain proof of your immunisation are linked on the Medicare page.

What if I’ve got questions about the vaccine?

We know that lots of you have a lot of questions about the vaccinations. There is so much information out there!

  • Please do not book into a rapid immunisation clinic
  • Look first at the information available online – Australian Government Queensland Health NCIRS
  • If you are still uncertain or have questions specific to your own health and how the immunisation might affect you specifically we recommend booking an appointment with your GP to discuss. Your GP knows you well and will be able to help guide you.
  • If you don’t’ have a GP now is a really good time to find one.

Is there any cost?

The short answer is no.

There is however a ‘but’. If you choose to make an appointment with your regular GP (which we encourage you to do if you still have questions) this may be booked as a ‘standard consultation’ (especially if they are not also administering your immunisation, or you have any other medical problems to address).

Please check with your GP clinic to confirm any out of pocket costs. We are all working hard to ensure there are no barriers to accessing the immunisation.

Consent forms

You will likely be asked to complete an online consent form before you attend your appointment. If you don’t receive, or aren’t able to complete an online form there will be paper options. An example of a Covid19 immunisation consent form is found here

How long does it take?

The immunisation process itself will only take a few minutes. You will however need to wait for 15 minutes after your immunisation. Your immunisation team will want to keep an eye of you for 30 minutes if you have had any prior allergic reactions.

The team administering the vaccine want to ensure that you are OK before you leave the clinic. If you are worried, or feel unwell following the immunisation please let them know straight away. Serious reactions are very rare and the processes we are following are similar to what we do with any immunisation.

Tips for on the day

  • Do not attend if you are unwell (insert covid symptom chart). Contact the clinic and your appointment will be rescheduled.
  • Remember to bring your Medicare care/ID
  • The covid immunisation can not be given if you have had another immunisation in the last two weeks. This includes the flu immunisation. Please rebook is this applies to you.
  • Have something to eat and drink before your appointment.
  • If you are prone to fainting or get woozy at the sight of needles let the team know – they will take additional care to ensure you are OK.
  • Decide what arm you would like your immunisation in. As a general rule if you are right handed we’d suggest giving the immunisation in the L arm. And vice versa. It’s common to sometimes get a sore arm after an immunisation and using your ‘non dominant’ arm helps to minimise any problems with this.
  • Wear clothing that easily exposes your shoulder and top of your arm.
  • You will be asked to wait for 15-30 minutes after the appointment. Factor this time in.
  • Bringing a water bottle and snack along is a good idea.

How do I get proof that I have been immunised?

Your immunisation history is recorded and can be accessed via MyGov or the Express Plus Medicare mobile app.

What about the flu immunisation?

GP clinics are working hard to ensure you will be able to access the flu immunisation just as you will have in previous years.

At this stage is it not recommended that Flu and Covid 19immunisations be given together, we think that this is safe but we are monitoring the Covid19 immunisation closely and it’s difficult to work out what immunisation is the culprit if you experience any side effects if we give two at the same time.